Sunday, January 9, 2011


From Brazil

"In 2006, his love of fashion, photography and design led him to create U MAG, available online, which has already reached its 80th edition. His love for Brazilian fashion led him to write about São Paolo Fashion Week. In 2008, a love of collage also led Romeu Silveira to set up the project
From Brazil with love. His love for magazines becomes ‘daily’ art. He takes inspiration from paper stands worldwide. From some of the most popular and beautiful magazines in the world. In the author’s own words, he is “Restyling the already styled, without power, corruption and lies.” DIY, as he calls it. His method is very much the same adopted by punks to assemble their fanzines, only that he re-proposes it with a super-contemporary and far glossier edge. Romeu has always had the desire to recreate."

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