Saturday, February 23, 2013

The 5

 photo df6d629d-1114-40fa-b379-93b2f55b184b_zps3351b45d.jpg  photo IMG_7034_zps0f187501.jpg  photo 60eab740-04c4-4505-ad40-2ee5686bb885_zps647ed64f.jpg  photo IMG_6991_zpsa9793184.jpg  photo IMG_7040_zpsd98b3ce9.jpg  photo IMG_7001_zpsbd3542da.jpg Long trip from Orange County back to San Francisco on the 5. Thanks for the company and scenic landscapes Eric!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Market St at Night





Last night we walked from Market to Haight Ashbury, not realizing that Haight is a huge hill. We stopped for beers at Mad Dog in the Fog (530 Haight) and then made our way to some thrift stores, my favorite was by far Wasteland (1660 Haight). I ended up getting a crazy new mexican blanket for the apartment in Berkeley. Really looking forward to my next trip to Haight, but next time hopefully it will still be light outside! Already obsessed with SF.