Monday, April 4, 2011

The Strokes at MSG Re-Cap

April Fools Day has never been so spontaneous! The Strokes played without doing any of the typical cliche moves that usually happen at MSG. Julian had his funny drunken comments while the rest of the boys looked perfect. Despite the many interviews about not getting along as a band, the 5 of them were synced for every song. Everyone was completely shocked when Elvis Costello came out and played 'Taken for A Fool' which is one of my favorites off the new record 'Angles'. Strokes fans everywhere are re-capping the show and collecting their media to try to re-tell the story...but it is impossible. You had to be there.


Set List:
'Is This It'
'Under Cover Of Darkness'
'Hard To Explain'
'Last Nite'
'Life Is Simple In The Moonlight'
'You’re So Right'
'Under Control'
'You Only Live Once'
'New York City Cops'
'What Ever Happened?'
'Taken For A Fool'
'Ask Me Anything'
'The Modern Age'
'I Can’t Win'
'Take It Or Leave It'
via NME


Under Control:

Taken For a Fool featuring Elvis Costello:

Take It or Leave It (Julian + the fans!!):

True Fan Blog: She's Fixing Her Hair


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